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What is rc?

Regnum Christi is an international movement within the Catholic Church dedicated to building up the Kingdom of Christ on Earth. It has a Christ-centered spirituality and five essential components: prayer and sacramental life, team life, apostolate, formation activities, and accompaniment. 

These five components reflect the belief of Regnum Christi in forming apostles by gathering around Christ's heart in prayer, developing community, then spreading that love to the world so as to bring others into communion with God.


Why Join?

How can I go deeper in my faith than I am now? Why don't I have people around me who call me higher and draw me closer to God instead of bringing me down? Is there anyone else who thinks the way I do and wants what I want? I want to serve others more, but how can I?  

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, Regnum Christi High School might be for you! This group is for high school girls who are seeking to establish and nourish a deep relationship with God that they can share with the world. It provides opportunities to go deeper in the Catholic faith, the support of like-minded peers and mentors, and service opportunities!

Who can join?

  • Girls​
  • High School
  • Seeking to deepen their faith and spread it!
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