A leadership program
Regnum Christi high school groups/life includes these dimensions of leadership development:

Prayer Life

Prayer is our #1 way of communicating with Christ so of course we want to do it as often as possible! It is how we thank God for all He has given us, ask Him to give us graces, and grow in our personal relationship with Him. It fuels us in every other part of our lives and inspires us to know Jesus and his people better by building His Kingdom. 


Team Life

God did not create us to be alone! He gives each person their own unique gifts and character, and building meaningful relationships with  others around us centered around Christ is all that He desires. That is why Regnum Christi is a community-driven movement where people can make deep, fun friendships that last!



Jesus died on the cross to save us; one man loved you so much as to die for you!  Taking time to reflect on this and His hand in our everyday lives makes us grow in virtue and love. Regnum Christi teams seek to appreciate the example Jesus set for us to follow by reflecting on the Gospels with each other--growing in friendship and love for His ultimate sacrifice. 

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Saint Francis told us to "Preach the Gospel at all time, when necessary use words." Serving others is not only a way of loving Christ and growing in virtue, but is also a way to spread the joy of His love to others. Regnum Christi desires apostolate because it helps its members grow in their zeal for Christ and spread it to others.



God created us to be in relationships with each other. Every person that we meet is a gift that God gives us to help us grow closer to Him. No saint has every been alone in their mission. God gives us people who guide us and help us along the path of finding Him. Priests, Consecrated Men and Women, and even lay people are called to be Spiritual Directors, or guides, that help us on the path towards Christ. In this way, we are never alone!

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